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How come whenever I get to a voice question I get it wrong?

I pronounce it right and I have talked to people who speak French fluently and they say my pronunciation is correct. Is it something to do with my microphone?

July 12, 2017



This happens to me too only after the web rewrite. Before I had 2 chances to get it right and usually didn't have a problem and get most, if not, green. Now after the updates there is only 1 chance and I have barely finished speaking the sentence that it marks me wrong. And I am sure I am pronouncing it correctly cause I got correct for the same pronounciation before updates. And in some sentences I get most correct but it's still wrong. And in others I get only 1 word correct but it gives me wrong ( I know it depends on the relative size of the sentence). And what annoys me is is the 'Correct solution' where it just writes the French sentence, instead if the more friendly and appropriate 'Let's move on for now' before the updates. I guess the voice exercises have been the worst renewed.


No one can answer this question. We would have to hear you. You can film your screen the next time you have to pronounce a sentence, post the video on YouTube (it can be unlisted) and give us the link. We will then be able to see the sentence, hear you pronounce it and see that it gets rejected by the system.

I am a native French speaker, and there are others here. We are not only 'people who speak French fluently'. We will be able to tell you if your pronunciation was correct. You say 'I pronounce it right', but it is only your opinion.


No, but the thing is whenever I do it at school which ended 2 weeks ago, I always got it right. We used to do duolingo quite often in our french classes .


It may be your microphone, then, indeed.


I am female with a fairly high vocal range, and I find that I usually get the pronunciation questions with female voices correct, but I often get those with deeper, male voices wrong. Could this be an explanation?

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