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Korean class 89% Done!!!

I just noticed the estimated release date for the Korean class is 8/17/17! Is anyone else as excited as I am? Already looking for study buddies!!! Anyone?

July 12, 2017



I'm excited for Korean as well! I can't wait for the course to hatch here on Duolingo, though I've been studying independently using Talk To Me In Korean. (( 100% recommend it if you haven't discovered them already ))


Yeah, I've been using TTIK as well! Love it! I'm not far in the lessons, only lesson 10... but I feel like I've learned so much already :) 'We're studying some of the same language, let me know if you ever want to practice!


I am so pumped for this! I will have to finish up atleast one of my other languages before Korean, but the first comprehension can be practiced right away, since there are alot of Korean people here in my area. I want to be able to say more than Hello... Anyway, best wishes! and by the way, what is your motivation for learning Korean, besides the fact that it is awesome?


I got hooked after watching KDramas! Fell in love with the language and wanted to learn... Been doing self study on talktomeinkorean.com - looking forward to adding DuoLingo !


Yup, im waiting for it too, want to see how it turns out. Finally Koreaboos will stop singing their stupid lyrics nonstop.


I hope it doesn't become another Japanese or Swahili.


Finger's crossed!

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