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Japanese Android course is not recording progress

Hello, I'm not sure if anyone else is facing the same problem as me. My Japanese course is not tracking the EXP that I've earned when I complete a 'Strengthen Skills' lesson. It will show the screen saying that I've gained 10 exp, but when I return to the home page, it still shows 0 exp earned.

I decided to switch to French, and there are no problems with the exp earning. This only happens in Japanese.

Can someone help me with this problem?

July 13, 2017



I have the same issue with Japanese on Android. None of the practice or lesson exercises are updating the points. Hope we don't lose our streaks!

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This issue must have been for some users only as I have not seen it on my end...


I'm having the same issue on android. I am stuck on the first lesson for "Greetings" and have passed it 5 times and the next part of the lesson will not unlock. This is only happening in Japanese for me as well.

I restarted my phone and the app and the issue persists.

EDIT: Russian is also not acknowledging leveling up, but it is letting me complete lessons.


Just a heads up to everyone. It appears to have been fixed. I was able to complete my daily goal just now.


Mine has been fixed as well =)


I have also been having the same problem for a couple hours now. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app as well but it hasn't helped. =/ its weird though because before then I kept getting updates about others' progress


I've had the same problem, mine started when I skipped ahead via 'Take a Shortcut'. It says I passed the checkpoint but the lesson in front of it did not complete, nor will it let me take/test out of the lesson in an attempt to fix the issue...


I've been having the same issue, hopefully they fix it!


Same issue here with Japanese on android


Having the same problem, it's really annoying to learn that this is only happening in Japanese. The only thing this is imparting on me is that I should never pay to have my streak 'repaired' if the app can break at any moment and take all my progress with it.


I have the same problem! I have finished the Intro 2 and greetings first lessions a thousand times and the next lessions are still locked. Hope they fix it soon!


Same here. Logged out and back in, updated the app - still broke!


Guys haven't you noticed that the Japanese course isn't done?


It is available as a course on mobile, so it should be at least functional and they should be addressing issues as they arise. If the course is incomplete it should not be offered as a course until it is fully functional.


This isn't just happening to the Japanese course. It appears to be many languages on the Android app. See this forum thread:



If they said that or there was a note that popped up or something saying it then I'd be completely fine with it. The fact that there's nothing but silence is what makes it frustrating and is making people flock to the forum to try and figure out what's happening.


It's in beta; we're testing and providing feedback.


I am having the same problem as well. Nothing is updating. My experience points are the same as 20 lessons ago and my lessons beyond what I have completed are still locked. At least now I know its not just me. hopefully that means they will fix it soon. Its frustrating not being able to go forward.


I guess this is only for the Japanese on Android then...since I'm having this problem too. Maybe it's because it's newer than the other courses? Hopefully it's just because they're working on it or something!


Yep, android here too.


Having similar problem, can't complete any lessons or placement test in Android app for Japanese. Once I finish the last question, the app freezes and doesn't calculate score.


Report the bug here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

And change this discussion to the troubleshooting forum.


If you lost your streak because of this bug, check Vivisaurus's comment here

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