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Android App is Borked

I updated the Android app, and now I won't acknowledge any practice that I do. I'll be away from home for the next week, so good bye to my streak. I am a bit sick of Android being so out in the cold.

July 13, 2017



Hi! This is an issue that has just been detected, we are investigating and taking action. Any way you can do a regular lesson or practice on web for now? Please let us know if you complete lessons and lose your streak while this bug is active, we are fixing it ASAP. But try whatever you were doing again in an hour if possible, and keep an eye out for any new updates.


If there was a way to put a pop-up or notice that the language lessons are down it'd relieve a lot of frustrated people. Will our streak progress be saved or are we just out of luck for that?


This appears to now have been fixed. Please check this discussion for updates and next steps. I'm moving this conversation to the troubleshooting forum to help others who might have had the same issue.


Thank you for fixing the issue so quickly! I have been traveling so couldn't reply here - but having it fixed meant that I did not lose my streak.

This issue has also highlighted to me that while using the Android app my 'percentage fluent' score does not change. That's not a huge deal to me, but I thought that I'd mention it.


Report the bug!: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

And change this discussion to the troubleshooting forum.


Danish also is not updating. I've done 4 lessons and it registers me as being halfway there after each one. Then the dial resets to zero complete. I've bought a freeze, so I hope that works. Almost to 200 days! (also Android)


It sounds like it is the android app and not language specific as people here have said it's happening in Japanese, Swedish, and Danish. Good luck with your streak freeze - and contratulations on almost getting to 200 days!! If I get through this I'm close behind you! :-)


Thanks for the suggestion. Took some contortions but I managed to extend my streak using Duolingo in the browser on my phone. Now I can sleep easy. Oddly, I went from 40 to 43% fluent doing that. Whatever...


I have the same issue with Japanese on Android.


It's the app then and not the language. If you have access to the web you can still earn XP there. This is such bad timing for me though as I'll be away and not have access to Duolingo via the web.


Whenever you encounter an error when updating the application. You can remove the application and search for the old version APK file to install. This solution will definitely work.

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