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  5. "Vala kirine issa."

"Vala kirine issa."

Translation:The man is happy.

July 13, 2017



I got this one as a "select the missing word", the missing word being the subject, and I think all three options made correct sentences.


True, although by chance I happened to select "Vala" for "The man" anyway, and that's also the option given here in the discussion, so maybe I just happened to select the right one. However, as far as I understand so far, the only way this could be wrong for other options is due to agreement, and we were only getting number agreement so far, and all of the options seemed to just be in the forms in which we learned them so far, so probably all singular.


Is valyrian available on mobile?


Right now is available! 17th May 2018


Why kirine not kirini? and are they the only variations?

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