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Hi, whenever I go a day when I use the app on my phone instead of my PC I seem to lose my streak.

It's happened twice now. Any chance I could get it back please? Also, what counts to retain a streak, do you need to actually complete a test or is simply playing enough?

Thanks Jools

March 25, 2014



ok well im sorry you cannot get your streak back, id believe, and a little tip, if you want to keep your streak going and you only have such little time in the day, go to the lingot store and buy the timed practice, it only takes 30-sec's and it will keep your streak going for the day, and it will also give you 1xp. hope this helps!! -LORD-OF-BIMICS


Hey thanks. Yes I have the timed practice. Actually I worked out after I posted this that you need to earn one point per day to keep a streak alive, good to know! :)


Hey no problem!!! haha that timed practice can come in handy when you need it the most, happy learning!! -LORD-OF-BIMICS :-)

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