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French metal bands


Does anyone know any metal bands that could also help me improve my French? So far I know Lofofora.

It is my favourite style of music, so it could potentially be a very enjoyable method for me... that said, this type of music can be very difficult to understand even in our mother tongue, because the vocals are so often screaming and/or growling... so if possible, ideally metal bands that aren't too hard to understand... sorry if it's a very difficult request...

July 13, 2017



Start with that https://youtu.be/1ljgzwZbxN0?list=PL331F599663CA4909 you ll find the words easily you ll get a piece of culture great idea to use songs

hard to find metal in french, they are singing in English

check youtube, i found some stuff but not my type https://youtu.be/dP77mvkjjvI?list=PL331F599663CA4909


Thank you. Yes, I know many metal bands, especially in English, though virtually zero in French.


Peste noire and pensees nocturnes come to mind. French black metal is pretty good.


Thank you, I will listen.


you are welcome! I really like metal too.


This is an awesome thread!


Ultra Vomit is playing parodic metal and it is very funny but most of the references are purely for French people. You can listen to Tagada Jones, Eths, Tagada Jones, No One is Innocent, Dagoba, Noir D├ęsir, AqME, Pleymo, Trust. Other bands such as Black Bomb A, Gojira, Punish Yourself, Psykup are singing mostly in English.


Thanks for the tips!

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