"Kepi vāedis."

Translation:The fathers are singing.

July 13, 2017

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    Would not 'Vali' also be correct? ...as well as 'Taobi'.


    Agree with you. For what I can tell, 'vāedis' is the plural form of 'vāedas'. And 'vali', 'taobi' and 'kepi' are all plural nouns.


    Hi all! Ever since the course has been live I've been getting "solution is incorrect/unnatural" for this sentence and several others that I was absolutely baffled by. I kept looking at Kepi vāedis and saw absolutely nothing wrong with the Valyrian or the English translation. I didn't understand what was going on.

    Coming here, though, I went and checked on the lexeme itself and noticed that I did a "form" exercise for kepi for this sentence that included vali and taobi as options.

    This was totally my fault! This was based on a misunderstanding of how "form" questions worked. What I assumed was that you would be given the English (i.e. "The fathers are singing"), and then would be asked which of the options I provided were correct. Having now used the course, though, I see that that's not what happens at all, and, indeed, I provided you with three correct options, with only one being correct. I did not realize this until right now, thanks to your comments. I just assumed I was creating an exercise where you'd have to pick out the word for "fathers" as opposed to two words that were similar semantically.

    So, my SINCERE apologies to everyone! You were right, and I simply did not understand what you were seeing on your end. I've fixed this one, but I know there are issues for others as well. I will try my best to fix those (or just remove them) now. Thank you very much for your feedback!


    I think something is missing or this is a typo.


    The other two options should be singular. There is no obvious distinguishing factor to make kepi the only correct answer.


    Mostly, the ones ending in "i" are the plurals. Kepa➡father / Kepi➡fathers / vāedas➡is singing/ vāedis➡are singing


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