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  5. "I really am a knight."

"I really am a knight."

Translation:Drējī azantys iksan.

July 13, 2017



There's a problem with the correction. I write dreji and the site says it's wrong then I write dreejii as it is said it shoud be for such a letters in the Basics 1 and it continues to say it is wrong.


I don't believe you.


It happend. I typed dreji and dreejii and it said I was wrong.


I meant I don't believe the person who wrote this sentence, because if they have to include the word "really", chances are they aren't really a knight.


Why is it azantys? Azantys is the singular, nominative form not the singular, accusative form.

Azanti iksan = I am a knight. So why is "I really am a knight" suddenly "Dreejii azantys iksan"? Weird


Because sagon (to be) is a copula (copular verb), meaning it takes both subject and object in the nominative form, rather than accusative or other cases (as would be case if it were other types of verbs).


That's why my fellow mate I have come forth to talk to you.

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