"The happy woman"

Translation:kirine ābra

July 13, 2017

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So I typed this as "kirine aabra" and it said it was a typo and it should be "kirine ābra", but didn't the tips & notes say it would be possible to write the letters with the macrons as double letters, instead? Just want to check that I didn't misunderstand somehow before reporting such a thing.


You can type an ñ by holding down on the alt key and pressing "164" and you can get a capital Ñ by holding down on alt again and entering "165." Just remember to hold down on alt and enter the numbers at the same time.


Is there a natural language that uses both macrons (the thing over the first in ābra) and tilded n (ñ) so that I can set my Keyboard for High Valyrian?


None that uses both. But I know at least Latvian uses macrons, and Spanish of course has the ñ. Alternatively you could use Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to make your own keyboard layout, that's what I did.


The tilded n I can make quite easily with just my Dutch keyboard, which works such that you first press the button for ~ and then press the letter you want it to go over, and it just puts it over there. So it doesn't immediately show the ~; to show it by itself, you would have to press space after the button press. However, unless you can set other keyboards to do the same (my English keyboard doesn't do it automatically, for example), that might not help you.


That's called a dead key, ȳõų çăǹ ḿäḱé ṱĥôŝê ŵîṱĥ ḾḰĹĆ.


Thank you, I was not aware of either of those two facts :)


Ok, I'll do so. Thanks.


If you still need a keyboard that does those things, on a Mac, the ABC Extended keyboard has dead keys for māćrōñŝ, ṫìłđȩṣ, and a lot more


why wouldn't you place "issi" at the end


i'm fairly sure this is because you are saying "the happy woman", describing her as happy without using the word "is". however, if you were to say "the woman is happy", you would add "issa".


I cant do the accent for Abra if so then i dont know if my phone can do it because i speak it with the acvent perfectly

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