"Una scimmia mangia una banana."

Translation:A monkey eats a banana.

March 7, 2013

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Ugh, so tired of these animal stereotypes.


I know right monkeys dont only eat bananas


They eat sugar too hahha


Y the hell is it one monkey and not a monkey


Yeah I was thinking the same thing.


It accepted "a monkey" for me


do animals in Italian have 2 words for each animal for the two genders {lion, lioness} or are the words presented in this chapter the only name for the animal? and if so, how do I indicate that the animal I'm talking about is a male female?

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    In two different classes I've been taught two different things. In one I was taught that when you don't know the gender, you always use the masculine form, but if you do know the gender you use the feminine form. So if you have a female cat, known to be female, it would be la gatta. But if you don't know, it's still il gatto.

    In the other class I was told you always use the standard form, so even if the cat is female it would still be il gatto.

    Both of these teachers were native Italians, so I don't know if there are regional variations or what?


    Why isn't it a monkey?


    It is for me. You should report it.


    How does one translate .... He eats ....and .... He is eating .... into Italian?


    you could say 'lui mangia' or simply 'mangia'. because the verbs in Italian change depending on who is performing the action, by saying 'mangia' it is clear that you are talking about he/she/it.
    present simple and present progressive in English is essentially the same thing in Italian. so 'he eats' and 'he is eating' are both 'Lui mangia' /'mangia'.


    I used ape! still wrong :(


    I did a ape,But i said i should have done 1 ape like what!


    A,the, and one seem to have all the same meaning until we answer.?????


    Is "una scimmia" the female and "un scimmio" the male? thanks to anyone who can answer this.


    Am I hearing correctly? The "ia" are silent scimmia?


    oh. Its present tense. I thought it was past. Dang it.


    I got You used the definite "The" here, instead of the indefinite "One". but here is say it's 'A monkey'. Can anyone tell me which is correct and how to tell the difference?


    The microphone option hasn't been working for me today, rather frustratingly. It worked perfectly yesterday. I do everything as told, click the microphone symbol and say what's asked; perfectly correctly, besides. Alas, the correction tells me that I was wrong without even bothering to let me finish. Have tried keeping the icon down throughout, clicking it before, clicking it after, and, of course, my microphone is perfectly authorised for use by Duolingo... ??

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