Who's here?

I've never watched game of thrones, I'm just a language enthusiast, and curious how many people are here as hard core GoT fans, and how many are like me, just curious to learn a new conlang.

July 13, 2017


GOT is one of those series I've always meant to start reading/watching, but have never quite gotten around to. I'm hoping doing the course will finally inspire me to start, hah.

Damn, level 7 already, nice going, man!

I'm not into GoT, but I'm fascinated by conlangs.

I'm just playing around with High Valyrian, although seeing how comparatively short the tree is, I may one day finish it, but my current priority is finishing that monstrously difficult Turkish tree (only 21 more skills to go!).

G of T is meh for me, but I appreciate the fact that someone went to the trouble of constructing a well-thought-out language for the show. Although, now, I'll likely watch (er, listen) to the show a little more closely, to see if I can pick up any words I've encountered in the course here.

I wonder if the Klingon developers are a little jealous: HV only spent 254 days in the incubator (entered October 31, 2016), whereas Klingon has been in the incubator since April 9, 2015 (about 827 days so far, and still a long ways to go). . .

I think possibly Klingon may be disappointed, but looking at the tree length it's possible that if they've got more material when they're out (which considering how long klingon has been used, and the material in my house could easily make a course double the length of the current HV course) they may look at it and think ours is slower but more thorough, of course they could also not be paying attention.

I've watched the show, but I am just a casual fan. I'm learning the language here out of interest and the intrigue it sparked within my mind when I heard it in the show. We're linguists/language enthusiasts, it's what we love to do and do for love!

I've watched some Game of Thrones and read the first two books, but I'm mainly here because I'm interested in languages

I'm the same as you - just here to check it out and wade a bit into the depths of an artlang as opposed to an auxlang. It seems pretty cool so far :)

Here's a playlist of videos from my own non-auxlang interest: the fictional language Paku (or Pakuni) from Land of the Lost.

I'm just here to learn a few words so that I can look out for them when watching GoT.

...but I might get carried away :)

I've never actually watched it either, but I might just do it on the side so I can have a nice dragon icon on my profile. The tree seems really short too so I might be able to complete it, too.

Never got into GoT, I tried and watched the first season, but for some reason it seemed a bit boring to me (in a 'too much drama makes drama not special' kind of way), so I belong to the "just curious" camp. But if I like High Valyrian maybe I'll give the show another shot, to see if I recognize some words we'll see.

I've seen every episode of Game of Thrones, and I really like the show, but I have a suspicion I'd be learning High Valyrian anyway. I really like conlangs, and this one was created by someone who's a master at it, so I figured I'd try learning it.

I am not a hardcore GOT fan but this seems fun :D

I have done a couple of lessons on the High Valyrian tree, I may try to finish the tree one day but that will probably be after I finish Spanish or Japanese. I have never watched GoT or read ASoIF.

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