"They are talking about music."

Translation:Ils parlent de musique.

March 7, 2013

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Why not "du musique?"


"musique" is feminine, so in any event, it would be "de la musique".

parler de + general topic: no article.


so its parlent... then why does your dictionary say its parlAnt?


It is not "parlant".

In English, to mean that an action is in progress at the time you speak, you use the continuous verbal form, ie verb BE + action verb in the gerund form (-ing). o they are talking means they currently talk

In French, this verbal form does not exist (directly translated “they are parlant” is incorrect).

Therefore, you can translate either “ils/elles parlent” or “ils/elles sont en train de parler”, where the construction verb être + en train de + infinitive correctly expresses the English continuous form.


Because the dictionary hint refers to the idiom "talking about", e.g. "talking about singers, what do you think about Jacques Brel".


I don't know why this comment got a negative vote. I voted it back up. I think that Arnauti was referring to something along the lines of "En parlant de la musique, j'aime le jazz" or is it "Parlant de la musique, j'aime le jazz". Speaking of music, I like jazz.


Thank you, that is indeed what I meant, I think this must be the reason why the dictionary hints give this suggestion. It should still be "elles parlent" in the sentence of course.

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