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  5. "I buy the book to read."

"I buy the book to read."

Translation:Tôi mua quyển sách để đọc.

July 13, 2017



The hint is that " to read" is simply "đọc" not "để đọc”


why để đọc instead of đọc


Để is to depict the act of an action and in this case, reading the book. Though it is not required, personally. Without it, đọc can become an adjective and thus describing the book as a reading book.


cũng câu hỏi này tại sao câu hỏi trước là TÔI MUA MỘT QUYỂN SÁCH ĐỂ ĐỌC mà đáp án là I BUY A BOOK ODER IN TO READ là sao

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