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DELF certification level?

What DELF levels (A1/A2/B1/B2) do you guys think I will be able to pass with ease, once I am finished with my course here?


March 7, 2013



I am responding late. I agree that there is a major difference between using duolingo and actually carrying out a conversation with someone, which is partly what you'd have to do during the DELF B2, for example.

Can you speak fluently with a native speaker? I don't think Duolingo is enough to get you there. For example, you might speak well, and conversely only be on level 8 on Duolingo. So I'd find a conversation partner who could also help you with writing actual texts, which you would also need for a B2 level. Remember, you do not have to be able to write essays here, just translate some sentences.

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    Does this mean you took B2? Any advice on what I could do to prepare for that? Or book recommendations? I wish to retrieve my B2 before September of 2016. Is that a realistic goal?


    I have been preparing for the C1. My point is, I don't see much correlation between duolingo levels (I have been doing it on, and off, for a few years) and your actual level.

    For B2, some questions for you: a. Do you speak fluently? b. Can you write a text (letters, essays, etc) with relatively few errors c. Do you read newspaper articles, etc, with a reasonable degree of fluency? If you've answered yes to the questions above, you are ready for the B2, (not as hard as the C1, but still requires preparation).

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      Hmm. That's interesting. Thank you for your input! How do you prepare for it though? Is there a book or site you would highly recommend?


      Here's what I recommend: a. Get a language partner/meet with native speaker to discuss politics, daily concerns, etc to work on your fluency;

      b. Read French language newspapers (I read Le Monde, since it provided me with a challenge. You could read Le Devoir or La Presse, (from Quebec) which is more of a B2 level). This will improve your reading levels and your vocabulary;

      c. Write letters and essays. Choose topics from a B2 Delf preparation guide. I don't have any specific texts to recommend. Have somebody capable correct your work, so you can review your errors.

      d. Listen to French language podcasts and television. I really enjoy TV5.com. They have two shows I watch: "Kiosque," and "Sept Jours Sur La Planète." Also "L'invité" is helpful. http://www.tv5monde.com/cms/chaine-francophone/Revoir-nos-emissions/L-invite/p-9990-Accueil.htm

      -If you can speak, read, and write fluently, then you're probably ready for the B2. A qualified teacher/language partner could certainly provide you with that feedback. All the best, P

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        Aww, merci, merci !! That was super helpful! Thanks so much!


        I'd be a lot more conservative and say A2 or maybe B1.

        There's a big difference between doing Duolingo and speaking French to a group of French speaking examiners :) i.e. the listening/spoken part is likely to be the challenge.

        Also depends on how much other training/education you are doing (or have already done).

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