"Це моя валіза."

Translation:This is my suitcase.

July 13, 2017

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Should be pronounced валІза, not вАліза


Case is often used in English for suitcase:'Suitcase' or 'case' should both be valid answers.


Hm, I've never heard it being used this way. If it IS frequently used, it should be added. However, if it's regional and not very common, the general idea here is not to add it.

I don't really understand why, since it's just an option for what the English speaker can input when translating, it will not be shown when translating English to Ukrainian. I would add even regional words. If someone says "case" for "suitcase", and he/she understood correctly what "валіза" is, why not?..


Luggage/suitcase ... its all the same thing !


A backpack can also be luggage. Not only suitcases are luggage, anything that you carry with you as luggage is. Luggage = багаж. Same in Ukrainian, a general word for your belongings, whether they come in suitcases or bags or boxes.


Valise is also used in England, although rather old fashioned.


OK, i see. I added it to the list of valid translations, so it will be accepted if you input it. But it won't be shown as a main translation, just not to confuse the learners too much, "case" means many other things :)


But its a very good point that the criterion are very different when the aim is to confirm that a learner of Ukrainian has understood, as compared to what you are 'recommending' in a sense, in sentences that you give in English.


No but I'd say in this case (hehe), if a learner sees валіза and inputs "case" because he's more used calling that thing a case rather than a suitcase, it's fine. I see it as him understanding what валіза is, it's very unlikely he confused it with some other meaning of "case" :D

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