"El râde la masă."

Translation:He laughs at the table.

July 13, 2017

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so...is he making fun of the table, or just sitting there laughing (or both?)


Hehe, yeah I see how the English translation is ambiguous. The Romanian sentence means that he sits at the table and laughs. To express that he is making fun of the table (if that's even a sensible thing to do), you would say "El râde de masă".


There are many deliberately nonsensical examples in Duolingo, because they supposedly are easier to remember. But then you have an English sentence like this one. The English is not ambiguous; if you say "he laughs at" something, you mean he makes fun of it. For the other meaning, you must choose another expression, like your "he sits at the table and laughs".


Another way to phrase the English would be "At the table, he laughs." Nobody would normally say it that way if they mean he's making fun of the table.


The audio of this sentence is horrible. I played it over and over, but it doesn't clearly sound like "râde".


I could not hear any 'r'. It sounded like 'elludeh...'


...and why isn't "He laughs at the meal" acceptable?


I was curious about this also

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