"Riña ābrā ēdrusi."

Translation:The girl and the woman sleep.

July 13, 2017



I can't wait for the sound recordings of these sentences, preferably by the creator himself, because i would really like to hear how these long vowels should sound like. When i do it, it sounds horribly unnatural.

July 14, 2017


They're just normal vowels pronounced longer, as in Japanese. You can hear the dialogue from the show to have an idea; the High Valyrian Wiki has transcriptions of the dialogue. The creator's blog at dothraki dot com has examples of him pronouncing Valyrian words.

I just record myself speaking this sentence word-by-word if you think it helps: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1ediJ96uVLV

July 15, 2017


Memrise has a course with audio. It's a good complement to this one; I'm doing both at the same time. Not sure where the audio comes from and how accurate it is, but it seems really helpful.

July 15, 2017


dear god when will the sound recordings of these come out so i sound like I'm speaking proper valyian instead of just sounding like I'm speaking total rubbish

September 21, 2017


These forms are a bit tricky, but it seems like the longer (ā) vowel at the end of the ultimate noun links the list of nouns together (so we omit a word for "and") and also links the nouns to the verb at the end of the sentence.

July 13, 2017


There is no need to "link the nouns to the verb" as the sentence doesn't have an object. So the long A simply connects the nouns.

July 16, 2017


Undergroundninja, I can't but agree with you. Though there are many High Valyrian Tutorial Lessons on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vboATQWC3MQ and so on ... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=High+Valyrian+Tutorial+Lessons

July 21, 2017
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