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  5. "Why are you bleeding?"

"Why are you bleeding?"

Translation:Warum blutest du?

July 13, 2017



Fun fact; the reason why blood > bleed in English is by the same umlaut process seen in German. This particular umlaut is the same as foot > feet, where an original Old English 'fōt' (foot) in plural became 'fœt' and eventually 'fēt' (feet). Likewise 'blōd' became 'blēdan' through this umlaut, it comes from a Proto-Germanic 'blōþijaną', but German keeps the original sound almost intact; blōþijaną > bluotan > bluten.


So how does one know to use "warum" rather than "wofür"? And was "Wofür" the only thing wrong with my answer of "Wofür sind Sie bluten."?


No, there are several mistakes.

1) German does not have a continuous form for verb tenses, hence you need to translate as if you were using the simple form: are bleedingbleed = corresponding verb form in German

2) You chose to translate you by the polite form Sie, hence it is: Warum bluten Sie?
DL translates you = 2nd pers. sing. If you had chosen you = 2nd pers. plur., it would have been: Warum blutet ihr?

3) wofür = for what (purpose)


I just make sense


What's the difference between "Warum" and "Wieso"?


Googling around, they're pretty interchangeable. Warum is more like why, and wieso is more like"how come". There's a discussion here, which also gives a little linguistic history: https://www.reddit.com/r/German/comments/3jqqsg/wieso_vs_warum_whats_the_difference/


Wieso like why so? ;)


I just felt like it.


What is Duo's unholy obsession with blood and bleeding ????


They could of added is it bleeding?

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