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French Sci-Fi books

I'm just finishing reading the translation of Asimov's Foundation and am looking for Sci-Fi written in French. I'm considering picking up a book by Baranger or one by Bordage.

Any suggestions on which book to pick up or other authors to consider?

July 13, 2017



The Planet of the Apes movies were inspired by a French novel, Planete des Singes, written by Pierrre Boulle.


Thank you for sharing that tid-bit of info! Now definitely one of my first French classics will be this.


Interesting bit of trivia and a good idea. Thanks!


It's excellent and I read and comprehended it though I am far from fluent in French (though, to be fair, I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English and some Italian, which helps one to figure out a lot of vocab and grammar).


Jules Verne is a classic, of course. I love Orson Scott Card, I don't know if there are any good French translations of his books out there though.


Good ideas both. I like Card as well but I've read him too recently. Thanks for the suggestions.


Merci beaucoup!


Wow, you must be very advanced then, C1 level? Can you speak and understand spoken french just as well?


I'm not sure about levels but my oral French lags far, far behind my reading and writing. I'm starting to watch some movies and TV with the French subtitles on. Hopefully that'll help my ear catch up with my eye.

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