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Confused pronunciation.

Hello! so, I'm having trouble pronouncing and memorizing 'est'. 'es' , 'un' , and 'une'. I get them mixed up and it's throwing off my listening and identifying skills on Duolingo.


July 13, 2017



It's difficult to explain pronunciation by typing. But I strongly recommend YouTube - there's a lot of helpful stuff on there especially for pronunciation. :-)

  • et is pronounced /e/ and it never makes a liaison

  • est is pronounced /ε/ or /e/ , and optionally /et/ or /εt/ before vowel sounds through liaison.

  • es is pronounced the same as est, except before vowels where it is /ez/ or /εz/ through liaison.

  • un is pronounced /ɛ̃/ which is the nasalised version of /ε/.
    Nasal sounds don't exist in English, but there are 3 of them in modern standard French:
    /ɛ̃/ written in/un/ain/im/um/aim, /ɑ̃/ written en/an/em/am and /ɔ̃/ written on/om
    Before vowel sounds, un is pronounced /ɛ̃n/ through liaison.

  • une is pronounced /yn/ and is never nasalised, which means it's never pronounced the same as un.


Another great site for pronunciation is Forvo.

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