"Ñuha dubāzma azantys issa."

Translation:My cross cousin is a knight.

7/13/2017, 6:14:53 PM



(I had to look it up, maybe this will help someone else who doesn't know what a cross cousin is!)

A cross cousin is a cousin from your parent's opposite-sex sibling, ie. your mother's brother's child or your father's sister's child would be your cross cousin.

(And a child from your parent's same-sex sibling - your father's brother's child or your mother's sister's child - is your parallel cousin.)

Ñuho muño lēkio se ñuho kepo mandio trēsi talī ñuhi dubāzmi issi. (Hopefully -) My mother's (older) brother's and my father's (older) sister's sons and daughters are my cross cousins. :)

7/13/2017, 6:14:53 PM

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Apparently many societies prohibit relationships between parallel, but not cross-cousins.

7/25/2017, 12:56:51 PM


Why are we learning the words for cross-cousins if dubaazma means cross cousin? I mean, we have learned the words for our mother's brother's kids, and our father's sister's kids. Wouldn't that make them cross cousins?

9/4/2018, 12:41:48 AM

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The words you've learned so far are specific; this one is generic (like how the word "sibling" in English can refer to a brother or a sister).

3/12/2019, 4:28:15 PM
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