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"Her pants do not have pockets."

Translation:Son pantalon n'a pas de poches.

July 13, 2017



Why not "des poches"?


All indefinite and partitive articles are reduced to de after a negative.


If anyone besides me is in the dark about why you can't use de elle instead of son, I dug it up for ya. There's a website out there that states that, in French, if the owner is not a proper name it must be replaced, in this case with a possessive adjective son.

In short, you just can't do it if you have a name, like George, for the owner. Use possessive adjectives:

Masculine Feminine Before vowel Plural
my mon ma mon mes
your (tu form) ton ta ton tes
his, her, its son sa son ses
our notre notre notre nos
your (vous form) votre votre votre vos
their leur leur leur leurs
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