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Does anybody have all the tips and notes from the German course in a word/pdf document?

July 13, 2017




This was a great idea! I didn't know how well the graphs would translate into textedit but everything looks great! I colored all the different Tips & Notes a deep red so you won't have trouble finding them as you scroll along. Additionally, this has not gone through thorough editing so I imagine there may be small, ignorable mistakes here and there.

Also note that not all the Duolingo Skills come with tips and notes, so it may seem as if a lot are "missing"when they really just don't exist haha. I was surprised how few notes there were toward the end of the tree!

But here is a PDF, 77 pages of german learning! Hope it helps!


Thank you very much!


That's some great content. Danke schön!


Danke und bitte sehr!


Very useful! Dankeschön! Have a lingot!


I found a website, where the all german words, what duolingo have: https://www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/ if you're thinking about this.

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