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Userscript manager for Duo

Im looking for a userscript which enables the xp bar in the main page, i hope someone could give me some nformation, i was using tampermonkey but after the last Duo update the script seems to be useless, thanks in advance.

July 13, 2017



They've been slowly updating the 3rd party scripts, so hopefully this one will be as well if it hasn't been already. The skill-strength viewer and the course switcher (apparently no longer needed) now work. I had this one too but now just check my profile for the next XP level. However, I understand that's an extra step and not as visual.


I have not heard from any updates for "DuoTweak" and "DuoStats" as well as "DuoLingo course progress" and "Duo trim tree" for the new DuoLingo (Scala) portal :-(

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