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"Learn To Read Chinese In Eight Minutes"

I just read this article and I found it very fascinating. Just thought I'd share the link here for those that may be interested.


July 13, 2017



Too bad all those Chinese people don't know about this. They spend years learning to read "Chinese."


The writer of these books is clearly a talented self-publicist, but her method is entirely useless for learning Chinese in any useful or meaningful way. Here is an article you might be interested to read.

Two mountains stacked on top of each other mean ‘to get out’. In ancient times, the Emperor sent his enemies into exile beyond the mountains. Today, exile has come to mean to get out.

出 is from 止 + 凵 (hence it is listed under 凵); it is not 2x 山—this sort of simplistic misinformation would prevent someone from being able to find this character in a dictionary.


Wow! Thanks for sharing! :)


Here is just one quote from the article: 'You could start by learning to read Chinese first - a more attainable goal.' Believe me, if you are trying to learn Chinese, starting by learning to read it is a bad idea. Actually, learning the spoken language is not that hard, but learning to read it will take years.

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