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  5. "Kio estas en la dosierujo?"

"Kio estas en la dosierujo?"

Translation:What is in the folder?

July 14, 2017



You don't want to know


Is it me or it is here pronounced do-sje-ru-jo instead of do-si-e-ru-jo?


I'm not sure which one he says, but it's not really important because the root dosjer- does not exist.


Có gì trong thư mục?


I'd be glad to reply if I knew what you were asking.


Oh, it's Vietnamese for "Kio estas en la dosierujo?"


Is this a physical folder, an online one, or both?


That's a great question. The original meaning of dosiero is like a file, which is often kept in a folder -- right, so we may have a file about a particular client where we keep several papers together about that one client. So, a dosierujo would be a container for files - possibly a big box of files, or perhaps a filing cabinet. (PIV says "cardboard box" but I don't think it's that limited.)

Commonly today, however, we think of a file as something on a computer, and a dosierujo as a place to put these files. In English we put computer files in a "folder".

So yeah, it's funny to me that when we're talking physical files, a folder is the a place for a single file, but when we're talking about computer files a folder is like the whole box.


La Esperanta Bildvortaro nomas la meblon "slipujo".


A container of dossiers. I love the efficiency.

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