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  5. "Lequel est le mien ?"

"Lequel est le mien ?"

Translation:Which one is mine?

March 7, 2013



Would love any feedback someone can provide on why it's le mien instead of just mien? Merci par avance :)


On principle, you should know that the French love articles and use them way more often than the English.

  • Le mien, le tien, le sien, le nôtre, le vôtre, le leur (fem and masc) are possessive pronouns, meaning mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs.

But since we also have genders, the form changes if the possessed object is feminine and/or plural:

  • la mienne, la tienne, la sienne, la nôtre, la vôtre, la leur (fem. sing)
  • les miens, les tiens, les siens, les nôtres, les vôtres, les leurs (masc. plural)
  • les miennes, les tiennes, les siennes, les nôtres, les vôtres, les leurs (fem. plural)


What would I do without that turtle?


They really need to fix the pronunciation of "LE" and "LES".


I'm totally confused about this entire section, and there doesn't seem to be any Tips and Notes. Can anybody help me as to when I'm going to be using all of these pronouns?


Please read above.


Omigod, I failed to see that. I'm sorry.

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