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Recommend me ways to learn Romanian?

Hi! Would any of you like to recommend me some ways to learn Romanian? Like watching shows and such? I can't find any shows with good subtitles on Youtube etc. It would be great if anyone knows of shows on Yotube or something like that, with Romanian audio and the ability to read two subtitles at the same time - English and Romanian! Thanks.

July 14, 2017




This is the best I can do. Romanian movies with english subtitles are pretty hard to find. I couldnt find any with both english and romanian subtitles.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


27 years ago, post-revolution I was in București (Hotel Parc ISTR).
I first had to repair the TV in the room - wiggled the valves - then watched D H Lawrence's 'Sons and Lovers', with Romanian dialogue and English subtitles!


In my opinion the best way to learn Romanian is: 1. Learn some starts words/phrases like "buna ziua", "Ce faci?" 2. Learn a little grammar. How to say I'm... I have got... etc. 3. Learn some basic words like 100 verbs, 50 nouns, numbers, colours etc. 4. And the most importent. Start to talk with Romanians. You can start form people which speak very good in your language. 5. A dezvolta în continuare.;-)


I can't remember if they're subtitled (they're probably not) but I have quite a few childrens' shows and movies bookmarked from YouTube with Romanian audio. If you're familiar with any of them in English, maybe it could still help. That's how my parents got me into English when I was a kid. You can search for 101 dalmatians RO, sleeping beauty in limba romana, Uimitorul Zorro (Legenda), Mica Sirena Ariel, Barbie si cei trei muschetari. These were just a few examples, let me know if you want more, or if you want specific links :)

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