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Reviewing previous levels

I haven't been on in a while and when I stopped I was on level 6. How do I get back to level 1 to review?

July 14, 2017



Hi MaryAnn,

Welcome back!

The level indicates how many experience points (XP) you have received for time spent on DuoLingo. It doesn't actually reflect anything in regards to ability level of a language nor of degree of difficulty of content being given to you.

So you can just click on any and all of the lessons that you had previously completed and do them again! Hope that is clear and I hope that others chime-in if I missed something.


welcome back! You can redo any lessons you want.


You can always review skills / lessons without resetting the course and going back to level 1 :-)


HOW do you do this?? I keep reading that you can do it, but I see no way of selecting which level you want to review. Clicking on the "weights icon" (practice) does not give you an option on what to review.


If you are looking at threads from half a year ago or more, the comments will be outdated since the system has greatly changed since then.

This thread is about reviewing XP levels, not levels for individual skills, which did not exist a year ago.


Gotcha, thanks. So, safe to assume there is not a way to do what I want to do, eh?


I think the answer is no, but what exactly is it that you want to do?

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