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Idioms won't turn gold!

My whole tree used to be gold after my practice every day, now idioms is stuck purple even tho I get every answer correct every day. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have sent feedback every day but still stick with this bug. Anyone else finding this?

July 14, 2017



That is a well-known bug.
In the App they stay purple and in the web version (www.duolingo.com) they stay gold.
If they are not gold in the web version, strengthen them there.

It is always a good idea to use the web version instead of the App, when you like to improve your languages. In the web version you have to write nearly all words instead of clicking on the predefined words in the App.


My Spanish idioms does the exact same thing.

It's been a bug for years now that the special skills on PC VS Mobile are not synchronised, so I just ignore them entirely.


It's been that way for just a few months for me. But can't something this small be changed rather quickly by any programmer on fiverr? Come on duo. In order for me to subscribe to the pay version month to month, this has to be fixed AND we need more new modules to buy in the lingo got store. Thanks!


I’m having this issue currently and it’s so frustrating. It’s sending my OCD crazy! I can’t believe, when you Google it, that this has been an issue on Duolingo for 4 years and they still haven’t fixed it. Pretty amazing.


15.09.2017 I have this bug in the android app too. It is surprising that it has not been fixed yet. Duolingo does not seem to react to uses problems.


The app has been free since it started. Now they want a subscription. I bet they need to hire people who can code. A few good interns might get them what they need, or even just some helpful and skilled users to do them a solid. They also need to make new modules or a slot least add more Co tent to the old ones. I hope they do, I think this app is one of the greatest self-education apps I've ever seen. I think better than a slot 10 dollar subscription would be a really cheap one for like a dollar or two. That would get loads more people to sign up and pay regularly (maybe, I could be wrong on that one).

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