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Language Fluency Upon Course Completion

Bonjour mes amis!

I am curious what is the highest language fluency score one can obtain upon completing the French for English speakers course. All my medals are shining in brilliant gold and yet I seem to be stuck at a rather mediocre 58% fluency. I practice lessons I have already completed thinking this would increase my fluency level but I appear to have plateaued out at a pathetic 58%.

So I am curious - what percentage have others who've completed their tree obtained? Surely one can move beyond fifty-eight. Even if our little Professor Owl considers it gold, it seems more like bronze to me.

Cheers, Max

July 14, 2017



The fluency meter is a red herring. No one understands how it works or what the point is, especially since it has no way to accurately size up your fluency given that Duolingo has no idea how you train your language skills besides what you do on Duolingo. I finished the French tree and I think got up to around ~60ish %. But I've also taken 5 years of French courses in school, so whatever fluency rating Duolingo generates is by any estimation pretty much moot, since it can't factor in every (or any, for that matter) test I've taken, every written assignment, every listening exercise I've done. I advise you to forget about the fluency meter and just move on.


Thanks, Arcaeca. Good point. It's a red herring generated by the green owl! Although I somehow since moved up to 60%, I will take your sage advice and stop obsessing about this score. That was easy...

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