"It is a musical note."

Translation:C'est une note de musique.

July 14, 2017

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I translated literally as "note musical" and it was wrong, presumably as "note de musique" is a set phrase. Am I wrong to think "musical" is an adjective in French though?


The french word musical is an adjective


avoir l'oreille musicale - to have an ear for music

In French compound nouns with the structure: noun + preposition + noun

the second noun, connected to the first noun by a preposition, doesn’t usually have an article. Typically the second noun adds information on the material, content or purpose of the first noun.


une tasse de café - a cup of coffee
une guide d'ordinateur - a computer guide
une histoire d’amour - a love story
une salle de bains - a bathroom


Notwithstanding that very thorough explanation (thank you), there still appears to be no good reason that "une note musicale" shouldn't be an acceptable (and more literal) translation of "a musical note". Is there one?


I see that my original translation left the 'e' off the end of 'musicale' so maybe Duo was rejecting that incorrect formation rather than the phrase in general? I shall retry when I come across it again.

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