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Gen-lis Vuhlkansu (Vulcan)

So I see that Klingon is being worked on (releasing in August I'm so flipping excited!!!!!!) and, sticking with the Star Trek theme, I thought I'd ask about Vulcan? It's certainly not as widespread/well developed as Klingon is, no, but the resources are out there to help people like me and other hard-core Vulcan enthusiasts learn it. I personally am not very far into learning it on my own, as I don't have a lot of free time; in fact, a lot of the people I spoke to in person about it said that they would definitely be interested, are interested, in learning Vulcan except they don't have the time to weed through the VLD and various Tumblr resources and do the hours of research online that learning Vulcan requires. My question is this: Could Vulcan be a viable language that Duolingo could eventually offer? If it did so, how many of you would be interested in learning it?

July 14, 2017



First off, the Klingon course is probably not going to be released in August, as the release dates are usually overly optimistic. That said, yes they could possibly do it if there is enough interest in such a course. There would need to be two things: 1. A lot of upvotes to this post indicating interest, and 2. probably at least 3 people fluent in Vulcan and willing to work on the course.

Possible, yes. Likely to be made soon, no.


You beat me to it. I was going to advise a bit of caution regarding the Klingon release date. Several previous release dates have been announced, come, gone, been forgotten. The most recent prior release date was set to coincide with the release of the Star Trek Beyond movie to theaters last summer. That was a full year ago, so they were a little optimistic, obviously. (And there were planned release dates prior to that one, too.)


Well then I think that you should upvote this conversation


Dif-tor heh smusma! I need to amend the message I left 7 months ago! As I said, there is an almost completely developed Vulcan Language with grammar rules, a several thousand word dictionary, and 34 lessons of language instruction -- but it can NO LONGER be found online! (the former address "vli-online .org" is no longer owned by the creator of Golic Vulcan and is NOT functional and may NOT be safe.) Golic Vulcan and the VLI (Vulcan Language Institute) was created by a fan from the few Vulcan sentences spoken in the TOS Star Trek movies. Most, but not all, of the Vulcan you see on the web is Golic Vulcan from VLI. There is a website (or used to be) called the The Vulcan Language Dictionary (VLD) but it contains only a very few of the several thousand VLI Vulcan words alongside words from other Vulcan languages invented by other fans that are often not compatible with the VLI's Golic Vulcan.
However, Memrise has some excellent community created Vulcan language lessons, based mostly on the VLI site with some non-Golic words thrown in. I hope someday Duolingo will as well. Sochya eh dif!


Hello, orensu. I found an archive site which archived almost all pages of VLI. Although the project (maybe) stopped, you can study Vuhlkansu. Here is the link : https://web.archive.org/web/20180423041746/http://www.vli-online.org:80/masterd.htm

And also Korsaya, which tells about vuhlkansu writing(Tanaf-kitaun, Gotavlu-zukitaun, El'ru-kitaun) became suspended, but hopefully, there's an archive. (https://web.archive.org/web/20190206131443/http://korsaya.org/) I really love Vuhlkansu and I hope there will be more vuhlkansu speaker and development of this wonderful language. Sochya.


I also would like to learn it, if possible.


This makes me sad, that the thread is so old. I'm going well in the Klingon course, but actually am more drawn to Vulcans, as a species


I think that I would definatly want to learn it. So I see that you love Star Trek? Same


Kup stariben nash-veh vuhlkansu.

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