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How do you feel about native language?

My native language is English and I feel really really proud of it, because it is an international language also I can speak with whoever I want, and everyone knows it. It makes the commutation easier :)

Are you proud of your native language while you're learning other languages and comparing them?

July 14, 2017



My native language is also English. I like it, and I enjoy speaking it, but I don't feel like I have any reason to be proud of it.

I was born in this country entirely by chance, I have this language as my mother tongue entirely by chance, and I don't feel like I can be proud of something like that- it's no different to being proud of having blue eyes or brown hair.

I am proud of being able to speak the other languages I can speak, as that's a result of my own effort and dedication rather than an accident of birth.


That's perfect, do you have any other feeling about being an English speaker?


I don't compare other languages that I'm learning to my native language, because I believe that one's native language is truly integral to one's personal identity.

I live in a country called South Africa, and my native language is Afrikaans. I'm not particularly proud of it because it's like being proud of your genetics (i.e. something that is naturally a part of who and what you are).

I do, however, feel a sense of pride when people are interested in, and want to learn my native language; and I gladly help those who want to!


How similar is Afrikaans to Dutch?


My native language is Greek and to be honest, it's cool to know a language that uses a script different than latin :P Even though Greek is only spoken in Greece and Cyprus, I love the fact that I know Greek because so many words in English and possibly other languages were inspired by Greek, which makes language learning so much easier for me! (For example, Spanish and Italian since they share some common vocabulary, phonology and grammar with Greek!) When I tell foreigners that I know Greek they always end up telling me that they would like to know Greek and that it's a beautiful language, which can make any native Greek speaker feel so proud lol. :)

[deactivated user]

    I grew up bilingual but I am not particularly proud of either Afrikaans or English. I just speak them :)


    Mine is Malay, and honestly I don't really feel any particular about it. I do love love the fact it's pretty similar to Indonesian which allows me to feel like I'm able to understand two languages at once. I do feel a little bit sad it's not quite a big language people always overlook Malay to Indonesian which does make me feel jealous a bit, and even Malaysians mostly prefer to use English to stand out. Even I admit that I do this sometimes, abandoning my own native language isn't a great feeling. However, I come to love it more now, that I got into linguistics more. I love that it's very melodic, very poetic, very cultural as well I gotta say.


    I am of course proud of my Welsh heritage. Although I was born in California, Welsh is my native language, seeing as I spent so much time with my grandmother because my mother was still only a sophomore. My grandmother, a Welsh immigrant to the US, was if course bilingual with English and Welsh, and only spoke to me in Welsh. This upset my bigoted preschool teachers, but she didn't care, and still spoke to me only in Welsh, and especially around my teachers~ she was amazing. Because of the fact that I haven't spoken Welsh since her death eight years ago, I have since forgotten my mother tongue, but have made the effort to relearn it on duo~


    Props to your grandma!

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