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Is this even possible to keep the meters up?

They drain so fast..

July 14, 2017



I don't think it's possible to keep the tree golden these days. I practice more than just about anyone I know - I usually do five reviews before tackling a new lesson (lesson, not skill set!) and many days I only do reviews. My tree used to stay gold literally for days if I got busy and could only do 10 XP per day to keep my streak alive. Now it's very rarely gold.

I looked at it this morning, and check it out - I have some full bars with colorful pictures:


Yup - spending days on making the tree golden is actually good before you continue - I used to do that! Also, the fact that you have full bars but not a golden skill - it happens to me too - is this a glitch in the new website?


I'd say yes, it's a glitch.

I should also add that the inability to keep the tree gold is probably an A/B test. It used to be super easy for me (for years), then it got impossible, then easy again, and impossible the last few days. I think they're tinkering with the algorithm and when they tinker, they usually do it in groups. So it may not be like this for everyone.


In addition to the good comments of moderator Lrtward.
In the App: it is impossible
In the web version (www.duolingo.com):
- only when you do more than 50 XP a day per course
- AND you make very few mistakes
- AND you never "hover over a word" to see the hints for a translation.

I have only one course gold for 11 months, but is impossible to prevent the fluency % from decreasing by doing only 10XP a day.

Don't worry about it, just enjoy the courses.

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