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Mondly languages added 19 new topics to their tree


just wanted to let you know that Mondly added 19 new topics to my (old) Portuguese (EN-PT) active tree on their web learning portal and those NEW topics are also displayed for all other course EN-ESP, EN-IT,...,DE-PT, DE-ESP, D-IT,... trees:

  • Core Vocabulary
  • At school
  • Sports
  • Introductions
  • At the airport 1
  • At the airport 2

  • Hotel: Reservation (counting as 19 topics)

  • Hotel: In the room
  • At the restaurant 1
  • At the restaurant 2
  • At the restaurant 3
  • At the restaurant 4

  • City tour

  • At the bank
  • Business
  • Fun
  • Help
  • Emergencies
  • At the doctor

I also can select many "I want to learn" L2 (target) languages for the L1 (source) German language, including Japanese (DE-JP)!

Have fun.

This is the link to my posting about Mondly in native German language (with a bit more informations e.g available voice chatbot modules, Oculus Gear VR app, available L2 target languages, etc.): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23527077

updated: Posting for 19 topics including Hotel: Reservation

July 14, 2017



Thanks for sharing this!


Updated my above posting: Actually there are 19 new topics :-)

The last one which I did not see / counted at first time is: Hotel: Reservation.


Thanks for posting this. I tried several lessons and ended up signing up. It's a nice additional resource for learning a language. A Lingot for you! :)


What do you mean? A different app is able to affect your Duolingo tree?


The Mondly app has something called a tree. (Duolingo isn't the only app with trees). They have expanded their language trees. So if you use the mondly app, the the mondly language tree will be expanded.


Haha. Quite funny Bob!
This is the result when a non-native English speaker (me) writes something in English: Lot's of confusion :-)

But actually, I wish they could!!

I guess an open backend interface / module design and a pluggable skill/conversation module design from external 3rd-party vendors would be a nice thing to do for DuoLingo to add further specific skills (oriented topics like above, advanced, business, etc.) on demand??!??

BTW: Mondly can be used either on their web portal interface (including voice chatbots, conversation lessons) or on mobile apps (I have not tested already myself; but you can e.g test Android apps on Bluestacks Android emulator software for PC/Windows).


[WARNING] Mondly web portal stopped working and redirects to mobile apps!: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29990410



Mondly Website / tested: Thursday 18 April 2019 (GMT+1)

What a nice surprise.

The Mondly www.mondly.com website (Redirect to https://app.mondly.com/home) is back.

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