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  5. "I have small hips."

"I have small hips."

Translation:Eu am șoldurile mici.

July 14, 2017



Why șoldurile, and not șolduri ?


They are specific hips hence the definite article form. It explains why i have often heard foreigners referring to their body in English in a similar way - "I have the sore hips" or "I have the stuffy nose." In English we just leave it to be assumed that the body parts you have are part of you, not stolen from another person. Create the right context and you might say I have the big hips and the scrub nurse has the small hips and be referring to replacement joints which you have arrayed in front of you. Even in this context we have the option to leave out the word "the" in English. I was even taught that if you are struggling to get the word count of an essay down in English, read through and remove as many instances of the word the as you can without changing the meaning and it is remarkable how many you can remove!


My question too...


soldurile as hips heh - someone was upside down or what comparing to English - shoulders ; )

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