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"Via ĝentila rideto tre efikas por flirtado."

Translation:Your nice smile is very effective for flirting.

July 14, 2017



I don't understand why they are trying so hard to redefine ĝentila as "nice" in this section.

ĝentila - well-mannered, polite, courteous (https://lernu.net/en/vortaro/)

ĝentil/a. Obeanta la regulojn de la socia deco; observanta la bonajn manierojn (http://vortaro.net/#%C4%9Dentila)

agrabla - nice, pleasant, agreeable, enjoyable


Indeed. And since we're on the subject of flirting, a good way for people to differentiate the two is to remember that a lot of "Nice Guys" are ĝentila, but certainly not agrabla. :P


Actually Reta Vortaro translates ĝentila to polite in English so it should be accepted.


IMHO - as was discussed in 2017 - there are some problems with this sentence - and rather than spending time and energy trying to figure out what should be accepted, the sentence should be removed from the course. I was told it was. It's not worth putting energy into.


I think ĉarma would be a much better choice than ĝentila.


Flirtation!!!! Flirting is a verb O_O


„Flirting“ is a gerund (verbal noun), and so is „flirt-ad-o.“


Shouldn't flirtado be flirti


por flirti and por flirtado are basically interchangeable.

Note that "flirti" means to flap in the breeze like a flag or to flutter from flower to flower like a butterfly. It implies "playing the field" in a way that "to flirt" does not. A more neutral word for courting someone or trying to get the attention of someone you like is amindumi.


Interese. Kaj ĉi tiu frazo ankoraŭ estas parto de la kurso.

It's strange that another version of this exact sentence was changed to "estas tre efika," but this one has not been. I'll report that the Esperanto is incorrect. Couldn't hurt, right?

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