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App is stuck on sentence that cannot be translated!

Hi everyone,

I'm on the 'Materials' section on the German course. But my app is stuck and won't let me progress because it wont accept the correct translation.

It's asking me to translate the following into German: "The paper is white"

The translation is: "Das papier ist weib" but Dulingo won't except it. I'm guessing because of 'weib' using a 'B' but I have no other character on my English keyboard to write i. The app has always accepted the use of 'B' until now.

Have I missed something? Is this a bug?

I cannot move forward with the course.


July 14, 2017



did you try ss in stead of b


You can't use a "b" instead of a "scharfes S (ß)". Did nobody tell you that "Weib" is an oldfashioned word for "Ehefrau - wife"? Every time Duo has a real word for your false writing, it does not count it as a typo but as a fault.

The correct usage for ß (when you don't have it on your keyboard) is "ss".


I have used "b" until this point. It is usually acceptable or at best won't stop progress through the course. However this time it did. I've made do without since no such char was available on my keyboard (to my knowledge), but the poster above has made me aware that android actually does make it available by holding down S.

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