"He washes until he gets tired."

Translation:El spală până când el obosește.

July 14, 2017

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nobody is using this form, unless there are two persons involved, like ”john washes until jim gets tired” (imagine john is washing something while jim is chopping wood, and Maria says, pointing to john ”el spală până când” - moving the finger to point to jim - ”el oboseste”). In all the cases when ”he” is the same person, a Romanian will say ”El spală până (când) obosește” (the most of the time, ”când” is also omitted, but there is no second ”el” there).

Moreover, ”washes” is transitive in Romanian, it needs a beneficiary of the action. If he washes himself, we have to say so. Otherwise, when we say ”El spală”, without adding anything, we invariable understand ”he is doing the laundry” (washing clothes). If he is washing dishes - ”el spală vase(le)”, or washing himself, we have to say so, i.e. to use those reflexive thingies...

Therefore the most suitable translation here is ”El se spală până când oboseste”.


So is my attempt of "El se spală până oboseste" correct?


2019-07-25 I would argue that it should be. I will report it, and we shall see.


That would explicitly be "he washes himself until..."

The question only says that he is washing.


If he is washing himself until he gets tired, ge must be having a great (big) body.... LOL


I just tried se spală până obosește but it was incorrect..... 2022/01/09

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