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Tricky naked girl, guitar and cat translation

What is the correct translation of the last sentence in the short piece about the girl bouncing while playing the guitar with her cat (it currently comes up as a translation at Animals)? It contains the phrase 'um die Wette huepfen' which I think it is used figuratively here, but I'm not sure.

June 26, 2012

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Check out this site for idioms. http://www.redensarten-index.de/suche.php. Searched Wette, the whole URL for that doesn't seem to work here.

"etwas um die Wette tun." Make an effort to be first / best. If you can make anything of that. They give "Hunde jeder Rasse rennen um die Wette" which I think would be "Dogs of every breed run to win."

I said "bouncing competition".

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