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Difficulty level of "Practice" sessions

Hi everyone

I'm just wondering if there is any way of controlling the difficulty level or somehow customizing the "practice" sessions (the ones that contribute to health). I am at level 22 in French, but for some reason when I go to the practice sessions, I am seeing the same things over and over and over again in every session and almost all of it is comes from the first few levels of the course ("Sa robe", "Je mange" etc) and I get virtually nothing on the more challenging grammar, which is what I really ant to be practicing. I understand that one way of getting around this is to just go to the individual topics, but one of the advantages of the practice sessions is that it is (or at least as I understand it, is supposed to be) drawn at random and I think it is more useful, especially for listening practice, to not the topic or context so you are actually listening and not just educated guessing.

Can anyone provide any advice on this?

July 14, 2017



The general strengthening is somewhat 'random' but focuses more of on which you need more practice. It focuses on the key words that you have not fared so well in the past and strengthened yet in the present. When you do the strengthening from earlier lessons, how well do you do? First, if this continues, I would go to each individual lesson (that it keeps coming back too) mainly the first few 4-6 maybe, and strengthen each one individually, doing really good; Then try and use the general strengthen again.


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