"Descriu ziarul."

Translation:I describe the newspaper.

July 14, 2017

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Can this mean, "Describe the newspaper?" -- or not because it is already conjugated for 'I' ? Thanks for the help.


You are correct, this form 'descriu' is the conjugated form for 'I' so 'you describe the newspaper' wouldn't work here. 'descrii' or 'descrieți' would be the proper form for 'you describe the newspaper.'


----- why does duo give "they describe the newspaper " ? is descriu both i and they ? . . .

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Yes, it can mean both. Actually I wonder how it should feel to natives, because I cannot imagine any example of such kind of ambiguity in languages I already speak


The 3rd person plural is always the same as another form. With some verbs it's the 1st person singular, with others it's the 3rd person singular. This is one way I classify verbs in my notes.


"how does one describe a newspaper"??!! i have never seen or heard something silly as this remark.....i read the/a newspaper and then either discuss it or leave it undiscussed.....


I don't really know how one describes a newspaper, but I suspect it means someone is telling another person what the headlines are, reading picture captions to them, etc.

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