"Mlima Kilimanjaro una theluji"

Translation:Mount Kilimanjaro has snow

July 14, 2017

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Because mlima is a class 3 noun (that's the "M" in M/Mi), so it's subject prefix is u-. If Kili was a mountain range, Milima Kilimanjaro, then the subject prefix would be i-.

Also, if you named your house Nyumba Kilimajaro (although I doubt this actually happens in Swahili speaking countries), then the subject prefix would also be i- because class 9 (N/N singular) nouns also use it.


juryrigging, please !!!! Don't give wrong infos. Noun " mlima" belongs to class 3/4 M-MI and this class has " u-" in singular / " i-" in plural.


Sadly most of it is melting :(.


Walisema ni kilima tu... Kilima Njaro...

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