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German tree reverting to mixed with reverse tree today - anyone else getting this?

I went back to today to pick up German after a break and tried to strengthen some past skills, but there is a technical problem - sentences come up in German to translate, but almost immediately change to either English or a mix of English and German; the hints are partial and the answers are in the same language as the sentences to translate. A few minutes earlier in French all the special characters changed from French ones to a mixture of other languages and some nonsense ones. I'm on the website, not an App. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

July 14, 2017



Wow...that seems like a major problem. This is the first discussion of its kind I have seen posted as of present. If this continues I would report a bug in the help section at the bottom of every page.

Also, I would move this topic to the trouble shooting forum where is such the place meant for such topics, and where more people better to help you will be lurking.


Thanks JackMartian for the advice to put it on the trouble shooting forum. It seems to be improving but if it goes back to how it was I will do that.


This can happen when Duolingo starts synchronizing your courses with her servers, if ......
- you are logged in two different devices in different courses
- you're logged in with two different tabs in different courses
- you are logged in on your phone both in the App and in the web version of Duolingo in different courses.

It happens more:
and at least three other users last month. See the Discussion lists.


Many thanks Pentaan, this is a great explanation, as last week I was doing Turkish on the mobile App and probably wasn't logged off. I've had a look at those links you gave, and can understand the situation now. It's reassuring to be able to believe that it isn't my computer (or me!) which is getting addled.

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