"the happy woman"

Translation:kirine ābra

July 14, 2017

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I'd like to know the stressed syllables! :-(


This is a problem with Duolingo in general, not just High Valyrian. I wish they'd provide phonetic transcriptions for all words in all languages.

The basic accent scheme resembles Latin, but it's a bit different. A syllable is said to be light if it ends with a single short vowel, or a rising diphthong ending in a short vowel (like ue). If it ends in a long vowel, if it's a falling diphthong, or has a final consonant, then the syllable is heavy.

The accent will normally be on the second-to-last syllable, as in kine or  ā́bra. However, if the second-to-last is light, and the third-to-last is heavy, then the third-to-last can pull the accent, as in morghū́ljagon "to die".

There are a few exceptions to the general rule. Verbs in the imperative always are accented last. Word-final vowels can be lengthened to make coordination (ānogar "blood" → perzys ānogār "fire and blood"); these also pull the accent to the last (ā́nogarānogā́r). Loanwords keep their original accent: R'hllór → Rullór.


Kiríne ā́bra. Or, if you want IPA, [ki'ɾine 'aːbra].


i think it would help if after the thing had been typed if someone told you how to pronounce it


I've been using YouTube pronunciation tutorials. I'm hoping after this is beta tested they'll add pronunciations here.


I get a typo for ābra but there is no letter ā in my keyboard


If you have Windows XP you can hit ALT+0257 on the numeric pad to create the lowercase 'a with macron'. I haven't been able to get this to work with Windows 7, though.


You can type ā, ē, ī, ō, ū, and "yy" by doubling the letters: aa ee ii oo uu yy, as I did just now. The system recognizes it.


It did not for me, for some reason. "Aabra" should be recognized as "ābra" but it didn't.. Strange;


Is there no word for "the" or "a"?


a lot of languages don't provide articles.


That's true. Russian, for example. They just have to try to understand from context.


if you dont know how to put an accent or are too lazy put an x. for example, munxa nxuha


Before we start the course we are told that we can simply double vowels for their macron counterparts but it didn't work for me, typing "aabra" gave me "you have a typo on your answer" instead of correctly identifying it as "ābra". Can this be fixed/looked over? Thanks!

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