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"Marea Britanie nu conține și Irlanda."

Translation:Great Britain does not contain also Ireland.

July 14, 2017



I think the translation is incorrect. It should be "Great Britain does not contain Ireland as well." I suppose you can say "Great Britain does not also contain Ireland." The translation, as given, is however wrong.


For some reason the Romanian in particular has really bad English translations (in terms of grammar). Would love to see this improved!


It sounds better in English to say 'Ireland is not part of Great Britain', but we're translating to help us learn better Romanian I guess.


Duolingo needs to do some checking on its English translations. This one is embarrassingly bad.


grammatically incorrect but then again so are many other translations on Duolingo .. but the concept is brilliant


Great Britain doesn't also contain Ireland. Accepted 15.5.21. Still wrong linguistically and politically.


Great Britain does not also include Ireland. Not accepted 15.5.21. Mind you, this sentence is wrong on so many levels!

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