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What language?

I would like to take up a 3rd language but I don't know which one to choose. Here are the ones I'm considering: French Irish German Chinese The reason I'd like to do French is its a beautiful language and I'm hoping to go there. It is also spoken in many African countries. I already do Irish in school but I'd like to be ahead of things. German is very handy for business and lots of people speak it. Finally, Chinese is the biggest spoken language in the world so it would be handy! The reason why I don't take up all of them is I just don't want to get confused... :D

July 14, 2017



Choose the one you're most interested in, because learning a second language is a difficult process, and doing it with a lack of any will power to do so will make learning a second language near impossible. But assuming that you're equally enthused to learn all three of those languages and just want help deciding, here's some advice.

Considering the fact that German, French, and Chinese are vastly different languages, you shouldn't have much problems getting them confused ( although German may or may not interfere a bit with your Danish ). French is arguably the easiest out of the three and shares a significant amount of vocabulary with English ( despite not being related to English ), German is related to English but has difficult grammar, and Chinese, although having relatively simple grammar, uses a pictogram writing system ( which easily makes it the hardest out of the three ), and don't forget about tones. Hope this helps.


I think you actually CAN learn two of these languages simultaneously as long as they are different ( Eg. Chinese and French ). Still, I recommend you learn German because as you said it is pretty handy, and most of the scholarships in Germany require being fluent in German. Also, I am as confused as you are because a lot of people these days highly expect Chinese to be something like the "future language" due to industrial and economic reasons, so it is perplexing. As for Irish, I think that as long as you are learning it in school and actually making use of it, you don't have to set it as a whole new target language here in Duolingo as you might keep it as a "side language" to be practiced every now and then ( I did that for French, pretty yielding ). Finally, I am not really a fan of French, and I do not think it is that useful compared with German or Chinese.

All in all, I think learning Chinese and German at the same time won't be that confusing and will definitely pay off.

Good luck!


Some people get upset when people say that they want to learn "Chinese". China has thousands of different dialects. The most popular and probably what you mean is "Mandarin".

As to my opinion. I would choose where I want to travel to next, and see what language they speak there. Then learn it. Maybe you want to go to several different places. Choose one first so you can learn their language. Then if you want to go somewhere else after traveling to your first choice, learn their language.

Good luck and happy learning!


Some people may get upset when people say Mandarin is a dialect of "Chinese" language.


I said that it is a dialect of China. Not the "Chinese" language.


Well there is a difference between a language and a dialect, and as far as I know it would be more correct to say that it's a language, wouldn't it ?

Like aren't there dialects of Mandarin language?


Yes I guess you are right, but I was saying that there are many languages that people speak in China, and Mandarin is one of them, so what you said would be better.


for me, I would suggest french. But that is because my father speaks it, and it's kinda easy for me. I say just do what u want most. You can do as many languages as you can. Do all of those languages you want to do. thats what i did


sorry, didn't see you didnt want to do all of them. sry for rushing. do what u want!!1 :)


i'll say chinese and francais


In my opinion, based on what you've said, it would be good to go for French and/or Irish.

I'm sure you'll agree it's always good to be one step ahead of the class (which is why I suggest Irish)!

But also, since you say how beautiful a language French is, it seems that you are keen on it - and I can almost guarantee that you will get further in a language that you really do like. :)

It's not a 'be all and end all' decision - in the future you can learn any of those languages that you don't opt for right now.

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