Translation:She is forcing me

July 14, 2017

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The root word is 'lazima' which means 'must'


According to the lesson introduction lazima is an adjective meaning mandatory. Must is either a noun or a verb. Also according to the introduction Kulazimisha means to compel or persuade, but 'he persuades me' is not accepted, which quite different from 'he forces me'. Reported Nov. 2018.


What's the verb please?


If in doubt, break it down and see if you can't work it out for yourself:

A --> Subject prefix "(s)he"
Na --> Tense marker "present"
Ni --> Object infix "me"
Lazimisha --> Verb "to force"

In this case it's the causative form of the verb lazimika, "to be compelled/forced".


Holy hell thank God I'm a native speaker. This looks so difficult to remember always. The way Swahili grammar is explained on Duo makes it seem so hard to me.

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